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Wandering Rose

Wandering Rose
Rose and her fiance Theo, escape the city for a weekend away to the idyllic Scottish Highlands. Theo sees it as a last chance to have some romantic alone time with Rose before she gives birth to their first child… Well you would think so! a nice quiet place in the Highlands, wrong things are about go terribly wrong… Continue Reading

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HONEYSPIDER is an upcoming horror feature film from indie filmmakers Josh Hasty and Kenny Caperton. The film takes place in 1989 on Halloween day and follows college student Jackie Blue (Mariah Brown) as she slowly unravels, all while a mysterious stranger watches over her… Continue Reading

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The Snare

Three students head to the seafront for a drunken weekend, only to be imprisoned on the top floor of their holiday apartment by a malevolent paranormal force that proceeds to torture and starve them to death. Continue Reading and debut trailer


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The Suffering

the suffering


The Suffering follows a man’s descent into madness after accepting a mysterious assignment to assess the aristocratic, supernatural property of a reclusive shut-in. The film combines thematic elements of The Shining and Shutter Island while remaining original in its perspective on morality and redemption.

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Recently Reviewed

The HOUSE on POULTNEY ROAD,  by Stephanie Boddy

Check out this awesome book…


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dead rivalry

Two serial killers on the lonely road who team up as student and teacher, while a private detective and his nephew search for a missing person…

Official Teaser Trailer


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Horror Blog

Interested? in your own horror blog or simple spooky Website to call your own and share with your friends?… Give us a shout setting up WP websites at HORRORinsidetheBOX sub domains…

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The Berzerk Death Dealer


  I’m exited about this gory piece of anime a different look on Horror, awesome an f’ing insane… ~Asp 


Young Alejandro is one bad-ass dude. As number one assassin for the Demon Clan,he’s got 99,999 heads to prove it. He can smoke a joint in one puff, drain a bottle in one gulp… Continue Reading

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New Book’s we’ve Devoured

The House on  Poultney Road   By Stephanie Boddy… Hiding the Smile    By Charlie Boucher

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Dark Lifers

Dark lifers

A war has begun

Between two underworld societies: a ruthless coven of Witches and a vicious clan of Vampires. Already entrenched

in the real world as politicians, teachers, cab drivers and even Starbucks… >> Continue Reading>

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Night of the Living Dead

night of the living dead

Night Of The Living Dead

We have put a test Movie up for are media play to get an shake Down you know iron out all the bug and snakes n demons…

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SACRAMENT is an exciting new horror film written and directed by Shawn Ewert (Jack’s Bad Day, Property Lines) of Right Left Turn Productions.


Leaving the city behind for a weekend of booze, bud and bonding at the coast, seven friends find themselves

stranded en route to South Padre Island when a big storm interferes with their plans…..Continue Reading

Premiere on June 7th.

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Under Development…

HORRORinsidetheBOX is under Development and will be published fully Soon. So stick with us…


So the story so far!, we are a brand new! Film Streaming Company solely delivering Horror, Sci fi n Fantasy Movies… But not only The Movies we are opening a shop for all Horror goodies from your Zombie quit cover to your Dripping in blood scull mug…


We are going to Review all the Movies we show and books we Promote/Sell. We are in need of a Critic to join ~Sian are resident Critic to help with the demand when things start flowing…


We are going to Promote and sell Books, so if your interested feel free to ask ~ASP the resident psycho… Plus poems (all of the insane variety) we love the work of Dark Writings…


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The Book

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