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The Twins Macabre

The twins Macabre

The Twins Macabre are a deliciously dark character-comedy duo. Ivy and Maurice Macabre are infamous physic siblings who conjure souls of the damned through twisted sketches and songs… Continue Reading…

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Music Store Massacre


Music Store Massacre… Fed up with the evils of today’s Society? So is Reverend Smith, but unlike you he has a remedy for it… Continue Reading… you should!!!…

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In a world ravaged by an unknown virus which only infects males, mankind’s last hope lies in a single soldier… Continue Reading…

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the chair poster

THE CHAIR is an upcoming horror/thriller film based on the Alterna Comics graphic novel of the same name…
Directed by Chad Ferrin… Continue Reading…

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A couple gets caught up in a scavenger hunt that quickly goes from competitive to dangerous… A Lewis ‘Welshy’ Jordan film…
Continue Reading…

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Charlie’s Farm

Charlie’s Farm


The violent history of Charlie’s Farm is brought brutally to life when four horror seeking youths stumble across a legend that refuses to die… continue reading…

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BRUTAL centers on Trevor (Morgan Benoit), abducted from his backyard at the age of fifteen by an unseen alien presence… Forced into nearly two decades of savage fights…. Continue Reading…

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#HorrorSquadww Gifts


Check out are fellow Sewer Dwelling #HorrorSquad founder Duke/Pennywise’s awesome #HorrorSquadww Gifts – Men’s and Woman’s Clothing… “EarthPositive Collection” by Continental Clothing… Check it…

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reunion poster

Trapped at home, an ex-rock star haunted by past demons must save himself & his estranged girlfriend from a possible ex-lover who’s convinced he stole her child… Continue Reading…

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Beacon Point

beacon point

Beacon Point… A group of hikers on the Appalachian Trail stumbles across an ancient secret that threatens their survival… Continue Reading…

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To Young to Die

To young to Die

The dead rise to their feet, driven only by the need to feed. No emotion, no remorse, just instinct… Too Young to die is a forthcoming feature film about the Zombie apocalypse – from a child’s perspective… Continue Reading

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Web of Deceit

web of deceit


Web of Deceit, a short horror film starring Bianca Allaine Barnett… Continue Reading…

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Black Spot

Black Spot3d poster image

“Black Spot” – a new short thriller from Luther Bhogal-Jones – IN 3D!

Paul is stranded on a lonely country road when his car fails to start. He walks through a melancholic landscape of missing person posters and floral tributes to roadside deaths, before chancing upon another car, but one which ironically is also broken down…Continue Reading

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Silent Retreat

Silent Retreat

In this quiet horror film, Janey is sent to a silent retreat in the middle of the woods for rehabilitation, only to discover that the men who run it are after more than her voice, and aren’t afraid to show her what lurks beyond the trees…Continue Reading…

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Wandering Rose

Wandering Rose
Rose and her fiance Theo, escape the city for a weekend away to the idyllic Scottish Highlands. Theo sees it as a last chance to have some romantic alone time with Rose before she gives birth to their first child… Well you would think so! a nice quiet place in the Highlands, wrong things are about go terribly wrong… Continue Reading

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HONEYSPIDER is an upcoming horror feature film from indie filmmakers Josh Hasty and Kenny Caperton. The film takes place in 1989 on Halloween day and follows college student Jackie Blue (Mariah Brown) as she slowly unravels, all while a mysterious stranger watches over her… Continue Reading

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The Snare

Three students head to the seafront for a drunken weekend, only to be imprisoned on the top floor of their holiday apartment by a malevolent paranormal force that proceeds to torture and starve them to death. Continue Reading and debut trailer


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The Suffering

the suffering


The Suffering follows a man’s descent into madness after accepting a mysterious assignment to assess the aristocratic, supernatural property of a reclusive shut-in. The film combines thematic elements of The Shining and Shutter Island while remaining original in its perspective on morality and redemption.

Continue Reading


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